by Donald Cantrell

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Heavenly Hope at Corinth (5 of 13)
Series: 2 Corinthians
Donald Cantrell
2 Corinthians 5:1-21

I - Paul's Affectionate Longing (1 - 8)
II - Paul's Acceptable Labor (9 - 13)
III - Paul's Appointed Love (14 - 17)
IV - Paul's Ambassador Life (18 - 21)

This sermon contains a fully alliterated outline with sub-points.

Theme: ''With heaven in view we can serve the Lord with gladness''

DWIGHT MOODY - Heavenly Hope

Dwight Moody was traveling by boat on one of the Great Lakes when a really bad storm developed. The other passengers on the boat cowered in fear. They even started an impromptu prayer meeting asking God to deliver them from the storm. Moody didn't join in this prayer meeting. When asked why not, he answered with these words, ''I have a sister in Chicago and one in heaven and I don't care which I see tonight.''

D. L. Moody said, ''One day you'll read that Moody is dead. Don't you believe it for at that moment I will be more alive than ever before!''

''No Farewell to Love''

As an aged Christian lay dying, a friend called to say farewell. ''I have just had three other visitors,'' said the dying man, ''and with two of them I parted; but the third I shall keep with me forever.''

''Who are they?'' ''The first was Faith, and I said, 'Goodbye, Faith! I thank God for your company ever since I first trusted Christ; but now I am going where faith is lost in sight.' Then came Hope. 'Farewell, Hope!' I cried. 'You have helped me in many an hour of battle and distress, but now I shall not need you, for I am going where hope passes into fruition.'

''Last of all came Love. 'Love', said I, 'you have indeed been my friend; you have linked me with God and with my fellow men; you have comforted and gladdened all my pilgrimage. But I cannot leave you behind; you must come with me through the gates, into the city of God, for love is perfected in heaven.''' Sunday School Chronicle

A few years ago I conducted a funeral for a dedicated Christian m ...

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