by Donald Cantrell

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Calming Courage at Corinth (4 of 13)
Series: 2 Corinthians
Donald Cantrell
2 Corinthians 4:1-18

I - Our Marvelous Ministry (1 - 6)
A) Solemn Steadfastness (1)
B) Scriptural Stand (2)
C) Serious Suggestion (3 - 4)
D) Special Shine (5 - 6)

II - Our Chosen Container (7)
A) An Earthen Vessel (7a)
B) An Enormous Value (7b)
C) An Exclusive Validation (7c)

III - Our Precious Promise (8 - 12)
A) The Path that we Plod (8 - 9)
B) The Person that we Portray (10 - 12)

IV - Our Fantastic Faith (13 - 18)
A) Faith that Trusts (13)
B) Faith that Transforms (14)
C) Faith that Testifies (15)
D) Faith that Triumphs (16 - 18)

Theme: ''The faith of Christians is calming and courageous''

Calm and Courageous

Olsen describes a man lost in the desert: ''He has been out of food and water for days. His lips are swollen, his tongue is swollen, he's all beat up and bloody. Some of his bones are almost peeking through. He has been scraped and beat up by the cactus, sand and sun. He's blistered. As he's crawling over this little hill he comes across this little plant and props himself up on one bloody elbow, looks down at this plant and says, 'You know, if things keep going like this I might get discouraged!'''
Larry Olsen, Outdoor Survival Skills
Swindoll's Book of Illustrations, p. 164

Confident and Committed

A 73 year old Iowa resident Aldin Straight needed to visit his ailing brother, who lived on the other side of the state.

There was no one who could drive Mr. Straight to his brother's house.

He himself didn't feel capable of driving there he can't read road signs when he drives faster than 20 M.P.H..

So, Mr. Straight did what he could.

He rode his lawn mower 240 miles across the state of Iowa to be with his brother.

Talking about being committed.
Mark Umbehagen - Central Baptist Church

A few years ago the Birmingham, Alabama, paper had a headline on the sports page: ''The Most Exciting Moment Of My Life.'' It showed a ...

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