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The Power of Your Story (2 of 6)
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Lenny Ports
Romans 10:8

For all those that came out last week for our GETTING TO KNOW YOU SUNDAY - the food and the fellowship were fantastic. It was great to get to know you a little better and to share a meal together. That's what it's all about - Community and Family. God's people are a community of imperfect individuals serving a perfect God.

Today I want to talk to you about THE POWER OF YOUR STORY. My Story? You may say….YES, YOU HAVE A STORY. What is your story? Your story is simply what God has done in your life. HAS GOD DONE ANYTHING IN YOUR LIFE?

You see, it is in our human nature to be self-contained, safe. We don't want to ruffle any feathers and we don't want to lose friends. And then the enemy does everything in his power to try to dissuade us from sharing ANYTHING about God in the name of offending people or political correctness. But I think there are far more people that need to hear your story than you could imagine.

People are crumbling all around us. Their lifestyle is catching up with them. They are lost and in need of direction. They are desperate and in need of hope. They are godless and in need of the Savior.

This past week I took the dogs for a walk in Hampton Park and came to the tunnel that passes under Otterdale Rd. This is the dreaded place where one of our teenagers tragically took his own life. As I approached the tunnel I saw words written on the inside walls that said, DEAR GOD, PLEASE HELP US. This is what teenagers are saying in their hearts. When I graduated high school in 1979, the drug of choice was marijuana. In 2016 amongst teenager, the drug of choice is heroin. And when the teenager finds himself or herself locked into a chemical they can't get freed from, their hearts are crying out GOD, PLEASE HELP US!

It is time for the church to arise out of her sleep. Look, I am not looking to put any condemnation on anyone. I am not looking to put a heavy weight ...

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