by Jerry Vines

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Mugging on the Expressway
Jerry Vines
Luke 10:25-37

There's renewed interest today in story telling. I was in a bookstore the other day and I noticed there is now a storyteller's magazine and they are having conventions all over the land where people who are gifted in the art of storytelling come and tell their stories.

I think one of the reasons this is true is because we have learned that telling stories and illustrations and drawing verbal pictures is very important to help people in the process of learning. The neuro- physiologists have found that we are not only left- brained, but we are also right-brained in our learning. In the left brain is where we get language and concepts. In the right brain is where we get pictures and where illustrations and stories really make an impact.

The Lord Jesus Christ is far ahead of us because the One who designed the brain knows how the brain works. So, the Lord Jesus was very good not to teach the truth, but He would also illustrate the truth. Sometimes Jesus would use illustrations from the world of nature. He would talk about the birds. He would point to the birds and say, ''Do you see the birds flying?'' He would talk about the fact that they were cared for by the heavenly father. Then He would say, ''Just like the Father takes care of the birds in the air, God takes care of you and me.''

Then He would pick up a seed and say, ''See this seed? A farmer takes a seed and goes out and sows it in the ground and in a little while it brings forth a crop. That is exactly the way the Bible is. The Bible is like a seed, you drop it in the human heart and it brings forth a crop.'' So, Jesus was a story teller and sometimes He told stories from the world of nature. Jesus also was a story teller and would tell stories from the realm of current events. The stories of the Lord Jesus are referred to as parables. A parable is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning. It literally means to lay alongside. In other words, Jes ...

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