by Jerry Vines

GENESIS 3:20-24

Genesis chapter three could well be called the sin chapter in the Bible. In
this chapter we have the cause, the course, the consequence, and now the
cure of sin. There are several matters which would make real good sermons
tonight from the verses we are going to study. If you will notice in verse
22, there is a meeting in the divine Godhead. They discuss with one another
the condition of man. The Lord says:
Behold the man has become one of us to know good and evil.
You remember when the devil was tempting Adam and Eve in the garden. He said
to them, God knows if you eat of the fruit thereof you will become as God
and you will know good and evil. But the devil always tells a half truth. He
never tells the whole story. Indeed, man did come to have the ability to
know good and evil. But, he knew good and he was not able to do it. He knew
evil and he was not able to avoid it. Let me illustrate what had taken place
in the life of man. I want you to imagine for a moment there is a plane
flying at 20,00 feet in the air. A man in that plane jumps out of the plane
without a parachute. As he goes hurling down through the air, the pilot
looks at the co-pilot and says, behold the man is become as one of us to
know altitude and gravity. The man knows altitude but he cannot maintain it.
He knows gravity and he cannot avoid it. So, when Adam sinned, indeed he
came to know what good was, but he no longer had the power to do it. He now
knows what evil is in all of its ramifications, but he is not able to avoid
it. So, man has come to understand good and evil. That would make a great
sermon, but I'm not going to preach on that tonight. Then, I want you to
notice down in verses 23 and 24 we have the statement that the Lord God
drove man from the garden of Eden and at the gate of Eden he placed the
cherubim and he also placed a flaming sword that was revolving to guard
way of the tree of life. God, in this s ...

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