by Jerry Vines

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Matthew 7:13-14
Jerry Vines

This is a message about heaven. The narrow road. We've
been in a series of studies about the road ahead and what the
Bible says about the future and what is ahead. What is down the
road of human history. We are coming to the great theme which
excites and blesses the hearts of God's people more than any
theme and that is the wonderful truth of this place called
The great authority on the road ahead is none other than the
Lord Jesus Himself. It is Jesus who tells us what we can expect
down the road and it is the Lord Jesus who tells us what is
going to happen even beyond the road of human existence.
There's a lot of speculation about life after death. A lot of
people want to know what is going to happen after death. You
hear various people who describe an after-life experiences and
they say they came back from the dead. Last year one of the
best sellers was a book entitled Embraced by the Light. I don't
recommend you read it. I read it and it's not worth the paper
it's printed on. It's a lot of speculation, a hodge-podge of
New Age philosophy and Mormonism with a little Bible thrown in.
When you study the Bible you will discover that aside from the
Lord Jesus the other person who went to heaven and came back to
tell about it was the Apostle Paul. Paul said that when he went
to heaven he saw things and heard unspeakable words which it is
not lawful to utter. You couldn't get Paul to give you any
description. You couldn't get Paul to tell you what took place
when he went to heaven and when he came back. So, the authority
on life after death is non other than the Lord Jesus Christ
Himself. Jesus lived on this earth for about 33 1/2 years, He
died on a cross, He was buried, three days later He arose again
from the dead and Jesus is the authority on ...

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