by Jerry Vines

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Isaiah 9:6,7
Jerry Vines

I'm currently leading you in a series of studies which I am calling the Road Ahead. I'm showing
you what the Bible has to say about the future. One of the reasons we know that the Bible is the Word
of God is because the Bible tells us things that will happen in the future --the road ahead, the road of
human history and what the Bible says about the future on that road.
This morning I want to talk to you about peace down the road. The Bible predicts that there
will be a period of time in human history when there will actually be peace on the earth. You are aware
of the fact that we are in the year 1996, only four years until the beginning of a new millennium. At the
end of the year 2,000 we will have completed 2,000 years of human history since the birth of the Lord
Jesus Christ. We will inaugurate, unless Jesus returns again, the third millennium on this earth. As we
approach the millennium there are many people and various groups that are talking about the possibility
of world peace. The New Agers are all excited because they believe that this will be the beginning of
the Age of Aquarius. They believe the Age of Aquarius will be an age of peace and prosperity on the
earth. A variety of peace groups are hoping that the year 2,000 will bring an era of peace on the earth.
All of us are hopeful that there will be peace, all of us want peace. We get tired of the strife and the
war and the conflict and the hate and the violence that goes on in the world. So it is natural in the human
heart to have a desire for peace. In fact, the desire for peace is not something that is just currently true
about our day. All through the ages men have dreamed of a period of time when there would be peace
on the earth. It goes all the way back to the writ ...

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