by Jerry Vines

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Adventures in Spirit-living
Jerry Vines
I Peter 4:10,11

Those two verses give us a rather concise and yet
complete statement of the subject of spiritual gifts.
The word, gift, in verse 10 is the word from which we
get the word, charismatic, and it is a reference to
the spiritual grace gifts which God gives through the
Holy Spirit to every born again believer. If you have
experienced the grace of God the Bible says God has
given to you certain gifts which are manifestations of
the grace of God in your life.

In verse 11 it talks about the ability which God
gives. That's almost a direct definition of spiritual
gifts. Because a spiritual gift is a God-given
ability to be a blessing to the Lord's people and to
bring honor and glory to God. So, you will notice in
verse 10 he says we are to manifest these gifts. We
are to minister them to one another as good stewards
of the manifold grace of God. We are to use our
spiritual gifts not for selfish purposes but we are to
use them for the good of other believers. We are to
use them to build up the body, the church, of the Lord
Jesus Christ. So, spiritual gifts are for the good of

Notice at the end of verse 11 he says that God in
all things may be glorified. So, spiritual gifts are
for the good of other believers, they are also for the
glory of God. The things God gifts us to do we are to
use them that the church might be built up and that
God might get great glory.

Also in verse 11 the spiritual gifts are
categorized into two big categories. He says first of
all, "If any speak." "If any serve (minister)." The
Bible doesn't do it this way but I'm just putting
these into categories so it will be a little easier
for us to get hold of them and study them. The two
things he deals with here are speaking and serving
gifts. There's a reason why this is true and we'll
talk about it next week. ...

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