by Jerry Vines

Genesis 2:18-25

I'll resume our study of this wonderful book of foundations.
Virtually all of the doctrins of the Bible find their beginning,
their inception in the book of Genesis. This is why Genesis has
been called the seed plot of all of the Bible. There, at the
beginniing' of God's revelation, you see the opening of these great
doctrines which are elaborated in the New Testament. The
Scripture tonight is goilng to give to us God's plan for marriage.
ce are going to a wedding. In fact, we are going to attend the
first wedding which ever took place on the earth. Genesis chapter
one gives us the account of creation in general. Genesis chapter
two gives us the creation of Tnan in particular. lie have seen in
the opening verses of this second chapter how God constructed man
in an ideal 1ianniler. W^e have seen that God put ilian together,
ideally, physically, e,motionally, and spiritually. So, there was
nothing on the outside of man to cause hiid to sin. There was
nothing on the inside of man to cause him to sin. There was
nothing above elan to cause him to sin. God constructed man an
ideal personality. Having created man in an ideal imnanner, next,
the Bible teaches us that God placed man in an ideal environment.
God grave to man, in the beginning, the garden of Eden. God said
to the mian, you can eat all of the trees of this garden, but one
and you are not to eat of that tree. There was a river which
flowed and all of the needs of mian physically, emotionally, and
esthetically were provided in the ideal home which God prepared
for him. So, God has given to man an ideal home. Now, he is
g.etting ready to give man an ideal helper. You may be a bit
amoazed when you lool at this opening verse--the 18th verse--to
notice what God says. God says in this verse:
It is not good.
This is a change fromr what we have seen thus far in the creation
accounts. Over and over again in the opening stateeuterts ...

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