by Jerry Vines

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SIGN GIFTS (9 of 11)
Adventures in Spirit-living
Jerry Vines
I Corinthians 12:28-31

We are going into a Bible study that you will
certainly need if you haven't needed it before. At
some point, at some time, you'll have to deal with the
matters which come before us in our study on the role
of the Holy Spirit in the life of believers and in the
matters of spiritual gifts.

I Corinthians 12 has already given us already in
the opening verses a list of spiritual gifts and
continues in verse 28. If you have been a Christian
for any period of time you are aware that there are
great differences among Christians. If you go from
church to church even in the city of Jacksonville you
will find Christians worship in a variety of ways and
they teach in a different way in many of the places
where you may attend. Some of the differences in and
of themselves are not serious in nature. It really
doesn't make a great deal of difference the style with
which people worship or the kind of way they worship.
It really doesn't matter, necessarily, what their
emphasis in a church is as long as they are true to
the Word of God and faithful to the teachings of the
Lord. As you move through the things that the Bible
has to say and the way churches interpret those
things, one of the areas where you will find there is
a great deal of difference and a great deal of
disagreement in the matter of spiritual gifts. We've
been looking at what the Word of God has to say about
spiritual gifts and we have found the Bible makes
several very key statements about these spiritual

The Bible teaches that every believer has one or
more spiritual gifts. Also, we find in the Word of
God that the Holy Spirit sovereignly bestows these
gifts upon believers. It is not for us to select
cafeteria style the particular gift or gifts we would
like to have, but the Bible says the Holy Spirit gives
these gifts as H ...

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