by Jerry Vines

Gen. 2:4-17

When you read this second chapter of the book of Genesis you immndintely observe that what
we have in this chapter is a second account of creation. There are several things which are
apparent in this account which are different from what you find in the first chapter. One of
the things which you immediately notice is that there is a different name for God in this
chapter from what you find in chapter 1. In chapter 1, the name for God is Elohim. God
created the heaven and the earth. You will notice in verse 4, 5, 7 and right on down, instead
of God, it is the Lord God - Jehovah Elohim. So, there is a different name for God in this
account of creation. The second thing you notice is that man is mentioned as being created
first, then the animals. In verse 7 it says, the Lord God formed man. You drop down to verse
19 and it says, out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every
fowl of the air. So, in this account of creation man is mentioned first and then the creation
of the animals. These two differences between chapter two and chapter one have led many
liberal theologians to say that there are indeed two different accounts of creation written
by different authors and that they contradict one another. I ran into this when I went away
to college to prepare for the ministry. In the Bible classes which I attended this is what I
was told. I was told that there were different authors. In fact, I was told that there were
about four different documents which had been used to put together the book of Genesis. They
called them J E P D. J - the Jehovah document. E - the Elohim document. P - the priestly
document. D - the Deuteronomic document. All of these different documents had been referred
to and had put these things together to give you the book of Genesis. Of course, what you
have when you take this kind of view is merely a scrapbook instead of the book of Genesis.
It makes a tr ...

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