by Jerry Vines

Genesis 1:26-31

On the street where I live, they are building a series of houses. Right across the street
from me or right close to where I am, one day a group of men came and began to prepare the
soil. After the soil was prepared, another group came in and started digging a foundation in
that soil. Later on, some others came and poured footing, then upon that they began to con-
struct a framework of a building. Wood was placed there and walls began to be constructed.
Then brick was laid all around those walls. On the inside, men came in and began to hang the
sheetrock. Later on, painters came and began to paint on the inside of those houses. Carpet
layers came in and laid beautiful carpet. Then those who had fixtures came and put light
fixtures and door knobs. They polished, painted and built a house because they were getting
ready for the day wnen a man, wife and- his little family whould- wialk in- the doors and begin
to live in that house. We've been studying for several weeks about what the Bible says about
the creation of this universe of ours. We have seen the beauty of it. We have seen the evi-
dences of design. The marvelous, intricacies of our world around us. What is God doying? What
is the reason for all of this elaborate preparation? You see, God is getting ready a house for
an occupant. God is preparing a temple for a worshipper. All of the creation, everything God
has done up to this point in the Scripture has been done to get ready for man to come and
live on the earth. The absolute crown of all of God's creation is man. The zenith, the apex,
the capstone of all of creation is the creation of man. Man is the supreme product off the
assembly line of God's creative processes. As we have studied the creation of man and we
have also studied when God made the animals, we have seen that there is an absolute infinite
distance between the animal and the man. Evolution has feverishly and fervantly tried ...

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