by Brian Fletcher

Follow the Leader
Brian Fletcher
1 Corinthians 4

Keywords: leadership, follower of Christ, follower, gospel, suffering, servant leadership, 1 Corinthians, conflict, divisions, reconciliation, obedience, encouragement


Acts 18 Paul goes to plant a church in Corinth (51AD)

- the Jews do not like Paul and his teachings and the beat the daylights out of the synagogue ruler for letting Paul preach his gospel message

- the Gentiles seem to respond in faith to the gospel

- Paul stays in Corinth for 1 ½ years

Paul continues on his missionary journey

Key Problems arise in the Corinthian Church:

- The Corinthians had some serious disagreements with Paul and were judging his spirituality and leadership (v3-5)

- Corinthians were creating rival leaders in the church (what if you all started to follow one of the pastors but not all of them? It would create unnecessary divisions)

- Jim because he's the oldest and wisest

- Heath because he's the youngest and knows how to catch a Pokemon

- Me because I always have three points in my sermons

- Andrew because he's the senior pastor and has the most adventurous spirit

Paul writes 1 Corinthians (54AD)

- Paul writes to help unify the divisions and bring Biblical clarity to the issues

- chapter 4 is an admonishment to the divisive people in the church with gentleness and respect (he calls them his beloved children)

What can we learn from this relationship between Paul and the church in Corinth?

I've got three points for sure, but first let's just review the big picture:

First, we are not to create unnecessary divisions in the church. If you have a problem with someone then you go and talk directly to them about it. If it is not resolved then you grab another brother or sister in Christ and try to reconcile, if that still doesn't work then you can go and ask the elders of the church to be involved.

But under no circumstances are we to create division, gossip a ...

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