by William Wyne

Christ: Lord over Our Circumstances
Rev. William J. Wyne
John 11:42-44

In the 11th chapter of John we have reached the last of the seven signs of who John wanted us to see and believe that Christ was. Johns' intent was again to insure that any one that read his gospel would believe without a doubt that this Christ was not just able, but that he was also awesome.
And John also wanted you to know that he believed this truth personally without a doubt.

Every child of God, every believer that actually believes, must know without a doubt that he is God. I hear that melodious voice of Mahalia Jackson in that concept, when she sang,'' there are some things that I may not know (there are some places I cannot go), but I am sure of this one thing, my God is real and he is real in my soul''. It does not matter what the atheist say, what the agnostic does, what the other religions ascribe in their belief. But as believer in God, you must have the evidence for your self that he is God.

And every child of God must have a set faith facts, faith experiences, and faith assurances that God is God. While we do need the word as our foundational principles, yes you need some word for your faith. The word must be your lamp to your feet and the light on your way. So word is crucial, but we also must have some works of God in our lives that makes the faith concrete. It is what we believe that God has done. It's the places in our lives where we believe he had to be there. It's the various scenes and situations in our lives that if they dusted the scene for finger prints; they would fine his prints or DNA. If he had not been there the outcome would have been different. Had God not been there, the now would not be, and most of our lives would be a has been.

There is the need for some evidence, real tangible evidence that for the believer that says God is God. There is an old hymn that we used to sing in the church, it was one of those old devotional songs that you would hea ...

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