by Stephen Whitney

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New Jerusalem (6 of 7)
Series: Heaven
Stephen Whitney
Revelation 21:22-27

Throughout the centuries men have built places where they could go to worship God. They called them temples meaning a place which was dedicated to the worship of a god.

The largest Christian church in the world was built in the Ivory Coast in the 1980's. It can be seen from miles away as it looks like a giant pearl-gray dirigible hovering over the African bush. Up close, you see its true shape: a sandy-beige concrete behemoth topped by a gargantuan dome and a copper cross that gleams in the bright relentless sun.

It is built in post-Renaissance style and has two long arms formed by 128 massive columns that reach out to enclose a 7.4 acre plaza paved the granite and marble. It may look like Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome, but this is the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace in Yamoussoukro, the capital of the Ivory Coast.

The basilica's dome, which is 525 feet high makes it the tallest Christian church in the world - about 100 feet higher than Saint Peter's. About 300,000 people would easily fit into the plaza.

People like to build a temple or monument to worship God. It gives them a specific place to go and a feeling that they are in the presence of God in that building.

In John 4 Jesus has a conversation with a woman at a well and when she perceives that he is a prophet she asks him, where is the right place to worship God - on a mountain in Samaria or in the city of Jerusalem? She was focused on a place because that is what we tend to think of in worshipping God.

John 4:24 Jesus told her, ''God is spirit and those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.'' In other words, the place is not so important, as is having the right concept about the character of God which must be according to the truth given by God. In heaven we will experience God like we never have before. DIVINE PRESENCE :22 There was no building where God was to be worshipped because the who ...

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