by Jerry Vines

Genesis 1:26-31

I'm sure you have noticed that on day six, God created in additoin to the animals, also the
man. The fact that man and the animals were created on the same day, immediately arises spec-
ulation in our mind about what the possible relationship betweenthe two may be. Is there a
relationship between man and- the animals. Where did man come from? How did man come into this
world? There are two primary reviews which consider the origin of man and how man came into
existence. There is the view of evolution. The view of evolution says that man evolved from
lower forms of life. That man just evolved in over a process of millions and millions of years,
man came into existence at the conclusion of this evolutionary change. If you should say to an
evolutionist, or if you should ask an evolutionist, where do you come from? He would give you
a reply something like this. He would say to you, well, I came from a green scum. I was a
paramecium, then I became a tadpole and eventually I became a frog. Then, I became a bird, then
I became a monkey. Later on I became an anthropoid ape and then I became a homo sapien as you
see me right now. Everytime I think about that explanation I think about a little poem I heard
one time. Once I was a tadpole beginning to begin, then I was a frog with my tail tucked in.
Then I was a monkey in a banion tree, now I am professor with a Ph.D. If evolution be true, if
that hypothesis of how man came into existence is really true, then man is merely an animal.
We live in a mechanical world and the redemption of Christ at the cross of Calvary is a great
big joke. On the other hand there is the view of creation. The view of creation says that man
actually was much higher in form than he is now. There was a time when a man enjoyed a higher
existence than he does right now. Tho, because man had that high existence, sin came into the
world and man fell and unbelievable low until it is possib ...

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