by Jerry Vines

Genesis 1:14-25

You remember last Sunday night we began a brief survey of these six days of creation. We
saw that the first three days and the second three days really parallel one another. In the
first three days we see God taking the earth and forming the earth. In the second set of
three days we see God filling the earth. This is always how God works. God forms, then God
fills. That's God's purpose and plan for a human heart. The Bible says in II Cor. 5:17-
Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; (creation)
old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.
God forms a life - makes a brand new believer - makes a brand new child of God. He forms
that individual into a new creature. Then it is the will of God that he fill that creature
with all of his blessings and with all of his fullness. So, the first three days, we see God
forming the earth. The second set of three days, we see God filling the earth. There are
basically two things we are trying to learn and trying to understand as we survey these
six days of God's creative activity. The first thing we are trying to understand is the
scientific accuracy of what we find in the Word of God. I have never believed that the Bible
is primarily a scientific book, but I do believe that when the Bible speaks on scientific
subjects, it speaks with absolute accuracy. These three days - days four, five and sb. are
going to be like three nails that will nail down the lid on the coffin of the evolutionists.
Three more days which give scientifically accurate statements about this universe as we
understand it. So the first thing we are going to do in looking at these days is just see
the incredible scientific accuracy of what God placed on the opening page of your Bible.
The second thing we are going to do in this survey of the days is look at the spiritual
application which we draw from these passages of scripture from these days. You ...

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