by Jerry Vines

Genesis 1:3-13

A man named Peter Stoner has writen a book entitled, Science Speaks. In this book, he
has some rather interesting mathematical probability concerning various statements and
truths in the Word of God. Among these, Peter Stoner says that there are 13 creative acts
given in the first chapter of the book of Genesis. He says in order for all of those 13
creative acts to be listed accurately and to be in the proper order, the mathematical
probabilities of this about 1 in 32 sextillion. That's a 32 with 21 zeroes after it. In
order to get that down to where I can understand it he gives an illustration to illustrate
what we mean when we talk about 32 sextillion. He said if you had 8 million printing presses
working night and day printing 2,000 tickets a minute day and night for 5,000 years at the
end of that period of time you would have 32 sextillion tickets. Then he said if you will
take one of those tickets and put an x on it, mix all of those 32 sextillion tickets your
chances of finding the one marked ticket is one in 32 sextillion. Yet God has given us,
in this first chapter of the book of Genesis, an accurate, in order account of his
creative process in the days of creation. Now, I believe that the Bible is not necessarily
a science book. I do not believe that it is primarily a science book, but I do believe
when the Bible speaks on scientific matters, it speaks with accuracy. The Bible is pri-
marily a book of salvation. God wrote the Bible to tell us how much He loves us and how
you and I can be forgiven of our sins and have a personal Saviour and have eternal life.
So the Bible is primarily a book about how to know God in a personal way. But when the
Bible deals with history, it is accurate historically. When the Bible deals with science,
it is accurage scientifically. When I read this first chapter of Genesis I am aware of the
fact that the human author of this book was a man named Mos ...

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