by Jerry Vines

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Stumbling at the Finish Line (3 of 3)
Series: Gideon
Jerry Vines
Judges 8

It would be very easy to skip over this chapter. It would be a lot more fun to just leave Gideon the hero. To leave in our minds the idea of Gideon allowing the Holy Spirit to put him on as a garment and to use him in that brilliant victory with 300 men over the 135,000 soldiers of the Midianite army. It would be much more desirable for us to leave the picture of Gideon like that. But there are two reasons I believe we need to study this 8th chapter. The first reason is because one of the reasons we know the Bible is inspired is because the Bible tells the truth about its heroes. If men had written the Bible there would be the tendency to gloss over the faults of the heroes and tell only the good. But the Bible is the Word of God and God always tells the story just exactly as it is.

The second reason I think it is important for us to study this chapter is because you have a real message here on the importance of finishing well. I mean by that as a child of God, as a believer, to complete your journey as God's child well and to do it in style. I think it's the desire of everyone of God's children that they might finish well. All of us would like to be able to say what Paul said when he said, ''I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.'' It is so important that we not lapse toward the end of the journey. It is very crucial that we as God's children just continue being faithful to the Lord all the way to the end and to hit the tape and not stumble before we get to the finish line.

It is a sad picture but sometimes God's children can live for the Lord all through the years and then right toward the end they stumble at the finish line. Judges is the book that tells us about the caving in of the Israelites to the culture of the Canaanites around them. One of the things that must have contributed to that decline and that collapse is the moral failure o ...

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