by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Luke 5:1-11

It was a great day at the Sea of Galilee. Multitudes
of people had gathered because the word was out that
Jesus, the Son of God was going to preach the Word.
Some of the newfound followers of the Lord Jesus were
there -- Simon Peter, James and John and undoubtedly
some others. So the Lord Jesus borrowed the boat of
Simon Peter and asked him to move out just a little
bit from the shore. Using the boat for a pulpit and
the seashore as an auditorium the Lord Jesus preached
the Word of God. O, the wonderful drawing power of
the Word of God. O, the miracle of what happens when
God's Word is preached.

It's very appropriate that in the atmosphere of the
preaching of the Word of God, Jesus performs a
wonderful, wonderful miracle. It is the miracle of
the miraculous catch of fish. A fishing expedition
with the Lord Jesus that is so productive that it
fills two boats to the point that they begin to sink.

We know that this particular miracle has a spiritual
purpose in mind. How do we know that? Because of
what Jesus says in verse 10 in the atmosphere of the
miracle of the catch of fish, "Fear not; from
henceforth thou shalt catch men." There is going to
be a spiritual application. There is going to be a
spiritual message to this miracle of the catching of
fish. There is a message to us here about people.
The fish remind us of people. People are a whole lot
like fish. Just darting here and there, seeking to
find thrills in the shallows places of life. Then of
course the fishermen remind us of ourselves. Jesus
said to these same disciples earlier, "Follow me and I
will make you to become fishers of men." So the
fishermen have a spiritual message to all of us who
name the name of Jesus that we are to be involved in
the greatest enterprise on the earth - catching people
for Jesus.

When Jesus said to Simon ...

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