by Jerry Vines

Genesis 1:1

This is perhaps the most tremendous statement that has ever been penned. It may very
well be the best known statement ever given in all of the Bible. Back in the 70's you
may recall on a Christmas eve night when our astronauts were near the moon, in the
atmosphere of the moon, on that Christmas Eve one of the astronauts opened up a Bible
(200,000 miles away) and to millions of people on the earth who were listening he read,
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
That statement absolutely staggers the human mind. When you and I as finite human be-
ings bring our minds to that statement, it is like bringing our little teacups to God's
ocean of truth. This opening verse of the Bible is the foundational statement. It is
the foundational truth of the whole Bible, of the book of Genesis and of the Old Testa-
ment. Without this verse the whole Bible would be like a mammoth building with many
floors and no ground floor. Without this statement the Bible would be like a bridge
with no support. You must have this verse if you are going to understand all of the
rest of the verses in the Bible. But if you have this verse, and if you accept this
verse, and if you believe this verse, then you have no problem ultimately believing
everything else that is said in the Bible.
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
In a way it is a very simple verse. When you think about it the complexity of what is
dealt with here and you think about the vastness of creation. You look through the
microscope and you see a world so infinitely small the human eye cannot see it. Then
you look at a telescope and you see a world that is so marvelously large, man has never
been able to go to its outer limits and yet God puts it all together in these words,
In the beginning God...
So complex is the world and yet so simply and beautifully, God has made this statement.
It's a beautiful statement and it ...

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