by Jerry Vines

Jerry Vines
Rev. 3:14-22

This is the last letter of our Lord to the seven churches of Asia-Minor. To me it is the saddest of all of the letters. It is a picture which the Lord gives to us in the Revelation of the church of the Lord just before Jesus returns again. I believe when you study these seven letters of Asia-Minor you will discover a view of all of the church age from the days of the apostles to the days of the apostasy.

When we come to the 4th chapter of Revelation we will find represented there the rapture of the church when the church will be taken away from the world and great tribulation will begin on the earth. But the church of the last days, the church of the last century before Jesus Christ comes again, will be characterized by the things Jesus said to the church of Laodicea.

If you should ask me to give a description of the average church I would turn to these verses and read to you what they say. Here is a picture of the church of the end time. It is the picture of average church America in the 20th century.

This is basically all we have about the church of Laodicea in the New Testament. Over in the book of Colossians there are some mentions made of the Laodicean people and there is reference made to a letter that had been written to the Laodiceans. Some people believe that the letter to the Ephesians is this letter. They feel that the Ephesian letter was a kind of circular letter and it went not only to the people of Ephesus but to the people of Laodicea as well. Whether that be true or not we do not know. But we know that the only letter the Spirit of God has preserved for us is this letter in the book of the Revelation. We do know some things about the city of Laodicea. It was famous for basically three things. 1. It was a banking and an exchange center. It was a very wealthy place. They had an abundance of this world's gold. In fact, in A.D. 17 when the city was destroyed, so rich and so prosperous we ...

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