by Christopher Harbin

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Series: Funeral Resources
Chris Harbin
Philippians 3:12-16

Raymond Anderson Moore

We gather here to celebrate the life of Raymond Moore. We gather to honor his contributions to the lives of many, as well as to take leave of a father, grandfather, husband, brother, and friend. We mourn in his passing, for he has left a hole in many lives he has touched in his living and in his dieing.

Paul's words that we read today were written from prison. In the midst of suffering and affliction, Paul writes of a higher calling and focus for life. His words speak to living for more than ourselves. We might expect him to give more attention to his own needs and discomfort, but his words focus on meeting the needs of others, and challenging them to live according to higher standards.

Raymond's death was a shock to many. As life so often brings us unexpected turns and events, so the occasion and means of Raymond's death took us by surprise. We should not be so surprised at life's turns, yet we delude ourselves of a stability in life that is tenuous at best. We imagine life predictable, when it is all too uncertain.

Raymond learned hard work during summers on his grandfather's farm. He learned to appreciate the outdoors and the effort involved in maintaining and fostering the growth and maintenance of life.

For Raymond, life was about stewardship. He studied forestry and forest product manufacturing due in large part to interests in conserving life and balance in this world of God's creation. He knew that we are here on earth for a limited time, and he strove to preserve the beauty and balance of the world in which he lived.

Raymond was gifted with a sly wit. His gruff exterior could cause some to label him a curmudgeon, yet there was much more to Raymond than this rough external bark. He was a man of strong opinions and ideas. He held strongly to them, for he was knowledgeable and secure in his stance. He was not above accepting hi ...

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