by Christopher Harbin

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Chris Harbin
Psalm 121

William Oliver Elder

We gather to celebrate Billy Elder's life. He enjoyed life and the world God had created. For Billy, life was a reason to celebrate with joy and laughter. He found a reason for rejoicing in the simple pleasures of God's world, in loving people, and in taking time to keep the issues of life in perspective.

Billy was born in the family house eighty-nine years ago. He lived his whole life in this same house. Apart from nights in the hospital, he was only away from home for about one week. He loved home and his home-cooked meals. Rather than eating out, he would take a biscuit and chicken to town with him.

Billy was a man who loved life. He loved to laugh and enjoy the world that God had created. The outdoors was home to Billy, where he knew the birds, fished, and hunted. There wasn't much that could keep Billy from fishing. One rainy Easter Monday morning, folks commented that this would be one day that Billy would not go fishing. Then they saw him hit the trail with fishing pole in tow.

Billy loved a good joke, even when the joke was on himself. He had an infectious laugh and a special sense of humor. His enjoyment of life spilled over as he shared his inner joy with others. Asked what he wanted to eat at the hospital, he once asked for squirrel gravy. He joked with the hospital staff, as well as family and visitors.

Billy loved his buttermilk. He enjoyed making stew. His great nieces and nephews recall Billy stirring the stew and allowing each to have a turn with the stirring, inviting them into his life. He was a strong man and liked to play with the children. He had a zest for life and was full of fun.

Billy was a storyteller, sitting at the end of his sofa, spinning tales about the old times. He reminisced about the old times, but he was always up-to-date on current events. Going into the hospital this last weekend, he commented on the raging ...

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