by Jerry Vines

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Adventures in Spirit-living
Jerry Vines
John 20:19-22

The Lord Jesus has already died on the cross. He
has been raised again from the dead. He is getting
ready to go back to heaven and He is giving the
disciples their marching orders. He is telling them
what they are to do after He goes back to heaven.

Since the day of Pentecost it has been said that
believers have been living in the age of the Holy
Spirit. At different times the heavenly Father has
dealt with man in a variety of ways. You could say
that in the Old Testament we had the age of the
Father. In the New Testament, primarily in the
Gospels, we had the age of the Son, the Lord Jesus.
The Lord Jesus made the Father real to men. Jesus
talked about the Heavenly Father and taught us to
pray, "Our Father." The Old Testament, primarily the
age of the Father; New Testament, the Gospels
primarily, the age of the Son. Since the day of
Pentecost we could well say that we are living in the
age of the Holy Spirit. The purpose of the Holy
Spirit is to make the Lord Jesus, the Son of God real
to us.

Having said that there is a tendency sometimes
for us to get the idea that the Holy Spirit was not
present in the world until the day of Pentecost. W do
know that the heavenly Father had made promises about
the Holy Spirit and that the Holy Spirit would come.
That there would be a mighty outpouring of the Holy

For instance through the prophet Isaiah in
chapter 44:3 God said, "I will pour water upon him
that is thirsty and floods upon the dry ground. I
will pour my spirit upon thy seed."

Through Joel the prophet in chapter 2:28 God
said, "I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh."

So, the Heavenly Father had promised that there
would be a time when the Holy Spirit would be given in
a special and an unusual way. This is what Jesus was
referring to when He said to the disci ...

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