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Christian Nation- Constitution (1 of 3)
Series: Christian Nation
Jason Dees
1 Peter 1:1-25

The New Birth - New Citizenship
What does it do -
What does it call us to do -
New Birth calls us to a living hope.
New Birth calls us to Be Holy.
Sanctification is preparation to rule

Christian Nation- Constitution
1 Peter 1: 1-25

Today we are beginning a new series called Christian Nation. It's a study of 1 Peter 1 and 2. It is obviously a confusing time in our nation on many levels and a lot of us find ourselves really asking the question of identity. Who are we? And maybe particularly, who are we now as Christians in America? We may have heard for a long time that America was a Christian Nation but now we may not be so sure… Are we a Christian Nation or something else? And maybe what does that mean?… And I think this series is going to be important for us to understand really who we are as Christians living in the United States and I think this text has a lot to teach us about who we are, and about who we are called to be by Christ and it may be something very different than we have thought in the past.
And so today we look at 1 Peter 1 we need to remember that Peter is writing to a group of people that are facing greater difficulties than any of us have ever faced. I know this is a sad day for the church and maybe a frightening day, and I want you to know that Paige and I are facing those same fears, we are looking out into something that the Lord has called us to with so many unknowns. And beyond this it can be a sad and frightening time in our country. But Peter was initially writing this to a group of Christians that he called exiles. They were people who had to decided to follow Jesus and that had made them social, religious and national outcasts, they were a minority among their own people, and this faith had left them as strangers in their homeland. Because they had followed Jesus some of them were being forced to move, they were losing jobs, ...

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