by Jason Dees

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Christian Nation: Attention, Salute, Pledge (3 of 3)
Series: Christian Nation
Jason Dees
1 Peter 2:13 -25

Free Religious Oppression to create a religious utopia
Freedom to be self-idealistic.
Persecution vs. prosecution
Jesus did not come to bring judgment but to bear it.
The Order of our citizenship
The Emperor over our citizenship
The Purpose of our citizenship

Christian Nation: Attention, Salute, Pledge
1 Peter 2:13 -25

If you have been with us over the past few weeks we have been in a series called Christian Nation where we have been asking the big question who are we? And more specifically, what does it mean to be a Christian in America now?
A category that at one time in our history and at one time in many of our lives seemed so neat and understandable now is perhaps confusing, and is maybe not what any of us expected it to be.
And I think 1 Peter is one of these books that is so helpful because what Peter is doing is he is reminding the church, he is reminding Christians of who they now are.
John Kellis' favorite movie is the Lion King and it is one of the movies that kind of stays on the loop cycle in our van so while I haven't seen the Lion King recently I have heard the movie dozens of time as I have been driving and the kids have been watching in the back. But at one point the heir to the throne Simba finds himself living a deadbeat life with two kind of hippie animals Pumba and Timon, but he hears that there is major trouble back in the Kingdom but he is kind of hiding out living the jungle, taking it easy, and enjoying life with these two guys and he doesn't want to go back, he wants to take it easy, he had been hurt back at Pride Rock his homeland and he is both ashamed and afraid to return…
But then in a dream his dad Mufasa comes to him and basically says, Remember who you are, you are the rightful King, Remember who you are… And this theme Remember who you are kind of runs through the whole movie… And that ...

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