by Jerry Watts

What to Do When the Wine Runs Out?!
Jerry Watts
John 2:1-11

Let me suggest that too often we go to our Bible for only ''Bible Study'' and not ''Bible Learning''. We desire to know what the Bible says, but we are not so sure we want it to apply to our lives, our families, our churches, or our stuff, because if it does, we might have to ''change'' something. Our story today is a familiar one. We have read and 'studied' it many times. However, I submit that there is a fresh lesson to learn. (READ)

I ask this question: What do you do when the wine runs out? Some have gulped that the preacher mentioned the word 'wine.' This is not a message about drinking. The ''Wine'' that I'll be speaking of is the ''New, Sweet, and Fresh Wine'' of the power of, the presence of, and the passion for the God, walking in His Spirit, while seeking His manifest presence. So now, ''What do you do when the wine runs out?'' Let's see what the story teaches us.

The setting is a wedding, a big event, and Mary (Jesus' mother is in attendance). Actually, many believe that Mary was more than just an attender, perhaps she had some responsibility for the food or drink which might mean that the Bride or Groom were family members.

Weddings were a huge deal in those days. (I can offer opinions about how 'out of hand' the modern day western wedding has gotten, but it probably wouldn't bless you.) In those days, the wedding was not an hour long event, more times than not it was a week long. If you remember the story of the wise and foolish virgins, you can discern a picture of the wedding. The groom went to the house of the bride's father and literally 'retrieved' his bride while friends with their lamps lit, would light the path to the Father's house. The next days were nothing shy of a major party, complete with dancing, food, and of course, WINE. The wine was the 'thing', the staple, the essential, and the requirement. In fact, the groom's family was on the hook for shindig and if the ...

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