by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Luke 5:12-15

When Jesus was on the earth, from time to time, He
healed people who were afflicted with a variety of
diseases. We know that diseases ultimately came from
the fact of sin in the world. If there had been no
entrance of sin in the world, there would be no
physical disease. Diseases today remind us of the
entrance of sin. The Lord Jesus Christ came to the
earth and He performed as the Great Physician. There
was no disease beyond the skill of our Savior, the
Great Physician Himself, the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus
saw blind people and He made them see. Jesus saw lame
people and He made them walk. Jesus saw hearing
impaired people and He made them hear. Jesus saw
lepers and they were cleansed.

The fact that the Lord Jesus Christ could heal people
of physical diseases was one of the proofs that Jesus
was indeed the Messiah, the Savior of the world. One
time John the Baptist was like we are sometimes - a
little down in the dumps. He began to wonder if it
was really true and that Jesus was really all that he
had hoped he would be. He sent word to Jesus and
said, "Are you the one we are looking for or do we
look for another?" Jesus said, "You go back and you
tell John the things you see and the things you hear.
Tell him that the blind are seeing. That the lame are
walking and that the lepers are cleansed." The fact
that Jesus Christ was able to cleanse the leper was a
proof that He is indeed the Messiah, the Savior of the

Several times Jesus healed people who had leprosy.
One time Jesus healed ten lepers at one time. The
Bible says that only one of the ten came back to thank
the Lord Jesus for it. On another occasion there was
a man named Simon who was a leper and Jesus cleansed
Simon of his leprosy.

Here is a very vivid and moving account of a leper who
came to the Lord Jesus and Jesus healed this ma ...

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