by Jerry Vines

Psalm 2
Jerry Vines

I have begun a new series of messages which I am calling "Songs
To Live By." I give this title because we are looking at the psalms
which actually were words of faith that were put to music and were used
in the temple worship. Songs to live by -- these beautiful, beautiful
songs that are in the book of psalms in the Old Testament. Words of
faith put to music.
Do you know why bumblebees hum? It's because they don't know
the words. But we have the words here in Psalm 2. We are not going to
take all of them, there are 150 of them and it would take us a long time
to do that. I'm just going to select a few, but I am looking at the
first one and the second one. These two psalms introduce the whole
psalms for us and prepare us for what is ahead.
In Psalm 1 we have the emphasis upon the law of the Lord. In
Psalm 2 we have emphasis upon prophecy. The Old Testament has two great
divisions -- the law and the prophets. So, Psalm 1 points us to the law
- God's principles for daily living. Psalm 2 points us to prophecy -
God's promises for yesterday, today and the future.
Psalm 1 and 2 really can be contrasted. Psalm 1 begins with
blessing. It concludes with perishing. Psalm 2 begins with perishing
and concludes with blessing. They really fit together. The second
Psalm I'm going to title this morning "The Laughter of God."
Perhaps you saw the beautiful picture on the front page of the
newspaper on Thanksgiving morning. It was a picture of the first
Thanksgiving service celebrated in America. In 1623 after the Plymouth
Colony had gone through a -very hard and- difficfts winter, now in
response to the blessings of Almighty God upon them the governor of the
colony, William Bradford, issued a Thanksgiving Proclamation. I'm not
going to read it all, but let me just hit the highlights of that first
Thanksgiving Proclamation.
"Inasmuch ad the great Father has given us this year an abundant
harvest.. ...

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