by Jerry Vines

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Samson: Playboy (2 of 3)
Jerry Vines
Judges 14-15

In my mind Samson had the greatest potential of any Old Testament character. Samson had everything going for him. He had a unique conception - a godly mother and father who had prayed for him - a conception that was brought about in prayer. He had a unique childhood. Because the child grew and the Lord blessed him as the Bible says. Samson was a man who had true charisma in the sense that the Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon his life from time to time. He had every opportunity to become indeed a great man for God.

We look at these early years and he was a superboy and we expect him to grow up to be a superman. Instead he becomes a playboy at every opportunity. Yet, he doesn't turn out very well.

I want to remind you again that a good beginning does not guarantee a successful finish. The Apostle Paul says, ''Having begun in the Spirit, are you now made perfect by the flesh?'' It is possible for a person to start off with tremendous potential, can be mightily used of God, and yet not turn out the way they really ought to turn out.

Samson's life really is an enigma. It's hard to understand him. Great promise of being a wonderful deliverer and yet a man who seemed to be controlled by his lust and a man filled with anger and passion. Here was a man whose life indeed was a paradox.

Garbage Mary lived down here in Florida. People saw her as she was dressed poorly. She went through the garbage cans in order to get her food. So they called her Garbage Mary. When she suddenly died they went into her apartment and there they found a little two-room apartment. It was very meager, just barely enough to get by on. As they went through her belongings they discovered that Garbage Mary was a wealthy woman. She was worth over a million dollars. In fact, she was not an old woman as she looked like she was. Rather she died at the age of 48. She was a college graduate. She had inherited a fortune. She had unb ...

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