by Jerry Vines

The Road To Prosperity
Psalm 1
Jerry Vines

While Janet and I were away on vacation one of the things
I was very interested in was to see how the vote concerning casino
gambling came out. I was very, very happy to read on Wednesday morning
that the state of Florida said an emphatic "no" to casino gambling. I
would hope to see the day also come we'll vote and get the lottery out
of Florida. That would be a great thing to happen.
When I was a young preacher I was concerned about the
matter of gambling as much as I am today. In my 20's one of the real
problems in my home county was pinball machines and the gambling that
went on there. I filed an injunction at the courthouse and had the
sheriff of the county go out and pick up all the pinball machines in the
whole county. It just happened that the man who ran the gambling
industry in our county owned all of those pinball machines and his son
was a teammate of mine on our highschool football team. About midnight
that night that the sheriff picked all of them up I got a phone call.
This man was on the phone and he said, "Jerry, I've known you all your
life." I said, "Yes, sir." He said, "You know that I own all those
pinball machines." I said, "Yes sir, I do." He said, "I want you to
know I'm upset about it, you've put me out of business, I'm drunk and
I'm going to kill somebody tonight." I don't have to tell you that the
rest of that night every time a car came by my house I sat up in the
bed. It was not exactly the most comfortable night, most restful night
I had ever experienced. So, the next morning in my devotional time I
was reading in the Word of God and I was studying in the book of Psalms,
studying some of the Psalms. I came to Psalm 57:1. I read this verse
that morning where it says: "Be merciful unto me 0 God, be merciful unto
me." I said, "Lord, he's going to kill me, sure as the world." Then it
says, "for my soul trusteth in thee." I said, "Lord, you know I'm
real ...

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