by Jerry Vines

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What God Can Do with a Few (2 of 3)
Series: Gideon
Jerry Vines
Judges 7

The challenge of living the Christian life in a godless, immoral, pleasure-driven culture can be an overwhelming assignment. We look around us and we see that most Christians make no attempt whatsoever to have an impact on their culture for the Lord. Only a few, it seems, are willing to pay the price and do what is necessary to really be victorious for the Lord Jesus Christ. Not many politicians live their faith, if they are saved at all. Just a few and we thank God for the few who do. In the world of education there are just a few, not many, who live their Christian faith in the classroom. Our young people are encouraged to be witnesses for the Lord and we thank God for them, but they know that there are just a few at the campus where they go to school who are really committed to the Lord Jesus Christ.

On your job there are just a few Christian who are willing to live for the Lord Jesus in the midst of a hostile atmosphere. Sometimes, in that kind of environment, that kind of cultural situation, we are filled with despair and a sense of defeat. We raise the question - what can a few do?

That is not the question. The question is not what can a few do, but the question is what can God do with a few? That is the real question. The book of Judges is the account of the Children of Israel being brought into the land of Canaan and finding themselves surrounded by a pagan, godless, hostile culture. There were a few people who lived for the Lord in the midst of those days, but the truth of the matter is that the majority of the Israelites capitulated to the Canaanite culture and there were only a few that God could count on, only a few that God could do something with.

I want to encourage you tonight with the promise in I Samuel 14:6 - ''There is no restraint to the Lord to save by many or by few.'' That means that the number doesn't matter to the Lord. That is saying that the Lord ...

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