by Donald Cantrell

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Finding Favor in the Field of Fate (4)
Series: Ruth
Donald Cantrell
Ruth 2:1-16

I - Ruth's Unseen Guidance (1 - 3)
II - Ruth's Unmerited Grace (4 - 10)
III - Ruth's Undeniable God (11 - 12)
IV - Ruth's Unmatched Goodness (13 - 14)
V - Ruth's Unexpected Gifts (15 - 16)

This sermon contains a fully alliterated outline, with sub-points.

Theme: ''Ruth experienced God's goodness in a field of fate''

It Just Happened

In 1858 a Sunday school teacher, Mr. Kimball, led a Boston shoe clerk to give his life to Jesus Christ. The clerk was Dwight L. Moody who became an evangelist. In 1879 while preaching in England the heart of a pastor named F.B. Meyer was set on fire, which later came to an American college campus to preach. Under his preaching a student by the name of Wilbur Chapman was saved. He engaged in YMCA work and employed a former baseball player named Billy Sunday, to do evangelistic work.

Billy Sunday held a revival in Charlotte, North Carolina. Because the revival stirred the hearts of many, some 30 business men wanted to devote a day of prayer for Charlotte. In May of 1934 a farmer lent the men some land to use for their prayer meeting. The leader of the business men, Vernon Patterson prayed, ''Out of Charlotte the Lord would raise up someone to preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth.''

The business men then called for another evangelistic meeting asking Mordecai Ham, a fiery Southern evangelist who shattered the complacency of church-going Charlotte. The farmer who lent his land for the prayer meeting was Franklin Graham and his son Billy became a Christian during the meeting.
All I can say is Wow, what a coincidence!

Who would have ever dreamed or imagined that because a Sunday school teacher told a young man about Jesus it would turn out the likes of Billy Graham. Now is that luck or what? If that isn't fate I don't know what is! What else could it be?
Darren Ethier

In fact one of the most interesting definitions f ...

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