by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Luke 7:11-16

Three times in the Gospel record of our Lord we are
told that Jesus raised someone from the dead. One of
those occasions is recorded in the verses I have read
to you which took place at the gate of a little
village known as Nain. If you will read these verses
very carefully you will observe that there are two
processions moving toward one another. There is one
procession which is the procession where the dead boy
is being carried out of the gate of Nain. There is
another procession, the Lord Jesus Christ, as He is
moving into the city of Nain. Notice in verse 11 the
Lord Jesus is coming toward the gate and it says there
were with Him much people. In verse 12, as the
funeral procession is going out toward the gate and
much people are also in the procession. There is
going to be a collision between these two processions.

I heard about a guy who was being interviewed for a
job at a train terminal. The man said to him, "Just
suppose that your are working here and there is a
train coming from the east, 75 miles per hour.
Suppose there is another train coming from the West,
85 miles per hour. What would you do?". The fellow
thought for a moment and said, "I'll call ROT."
"What do you mean?" He said, "ROT is my best friend
and he ain't never seen a collision like we are going
to have around this place."

There is going to be a collision in this scripture.
There are two processions moving in opposite
directions and they are getting ready to come face to
face with one another. One of these processions is
lead by the pale horse of death. The other is lead by
the Lord of Life who is the Master over death. One of
these processions is on the way to the grave. The
other is on the way to glory. One of these is the
king of terrors. The other is the Price of Peace.
These two are going to have an encounter - a life and
deat ...

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