by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
John 2:1-22

For several weeks I want to bring some messages
around the general theme, "I Believe in Miracles."
I'm going to bring these messages on the miracles
because I indeed do believe in miracles. I'm aware
that when you talk about the subject of miracles that
we are living in an atmosphere, as result of the
Scientific Age, when there are many people who say
that miracles do not occur.

I was reading what an agnostic, an old unbeliever
Renaun, said many years ago. He said, "Miracles do
not occur." As result of scientific and technological
advances there are people who say that the universe
operates on fixed, unchanging laws and therefore
miracles do not occur. Some people look at the laws
of the universe and they make the decision that there
is no God and everything is like a mechanism. Other
people look at the universe and they see these things
that take place and they believe that they see an
evidence for the existence of a miracle-working God.

I take the view that miracles occur. I believe
in miracles. I believe that God can step into His
universe and can do the miraculous and the
extraordinary. But we are living in an atmosphere
when there are some who say that miracles do not occur
and they say this on the basis of what they have
observed in scientific and technological exploration
and discovery.

A strange thing has happened in our day on the
way to the science lab. Many people have come to
understand that human beings have needs in life which
neither science nor technology can solve. We have
come to believe and understand that there are some
needs, some things that the human heart desires, that
science is not able to supply. Science can put lights
in your house, but science can't put love. Technology
can put pictures in your house, but technology cannot
put peace. There are some things beyond the realm of

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