by Jerry Vines

I Thessalonians 5:16-28
Jerry Vines

There are some times when what we need is just a very simply, down-to-earth lesson from the
Word of God. Nothing deep. Just some simple principles that will help us understand the Bible better
and know better how to live for the Lord Jesus.
When I think about nothing deep and simple preaching I think about what Billy Graham said
happened to Grady Wilson, his associate. He said that Grady Wilson was preaching in a crusade and
after a few nights a dear lady came up to him and said, "O, brother Wilson, I really do like to hear you
preach. You don't preach no doctrine nor nothing." I hope when I finish today you won't say that. I
hope there will be something to it. My purpose is to just share with you in these closing verses some
very simple, down-to-earth principles that will help you live better for Jesus tomorrow than you did the
day before.
If you will put these principles into effect I believe you can have a happy and a very, very
beneficial Christian life.
First of all I want to call you attention in verse 16-18 to -
I. Some Personal Principles.
He says in these verses that we are to be joyful, prayerful and thankful. Three crisp, to-the-
point commands. All of these commands are in the present tense. he could say it this way, "Be
continually joyful. Be always without ceasing, praying. Continually in everything give thanks." These
are the standing orders for the believer. Regardless of the circumstances, regardless what your situation
may be, all of these three principles right here are to be the constant command of the child of God.
In verse 16 we are told we are to be joyful. "rejoice evermore." I think that means that the
Lord intends for God's people to be happy people. I do not believe ...

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