by Jerry Vines

Revelation 9:13-21

In the opening verses of this chapter we saw that the Bible predicts
there will come a time when there will be an invasion of demons on the earth
With the symbolism of the locusts out of the fire of the burning bottomless
pit, we are told that there will pour out on this earth demonic forces that
will torment men for a period of five months. Now the sixth angel sounds the
trumpet and the continuation of the vision of doom is given.
Notice at the very outset of our study that in verse 13, the sixth
angel hears a voice calling from the four corners of the altar that the
golden altar which is before God. This is Old Testament terminology. We know
that in the Old Testament tabernacle and in the temple, there was a golden
altar. This altar was an altar of incense. It was a place of prayer, it was
place of mercy, it was a place representing the intercessory prayers of the
people of God. Now, we notice a change. From the place of mercy, now judgmen
is dispensed. This simply says to us that when men reject the love and the
mercy of God, there is only left the judgment and the wrath of God. Coming
from the golden altar there is a command given that a certain demonic power
will be unleashed. There is a threefold description I want to share with you
in the verses we are going to study.
I. The Fallen Angels.
When the voice says, "loose the four angels" in verse 14, we are
introduced to a study now of some fallen angels who are going to be unleashe
on this earth. Here the picture of demon powers in chains raging, longing to
be unloosed that they might plague men and bring horror and misery to men. W.
notice several things about these fallen angels.
A. They are from a definite place.
The 14th verse says that they are to be loosed from the great river
Euphrates. In the Bible, the Euphrates River is one of the most prominent
rivers discussed. We know, for instance, that it was in this area ...

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