by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Mark 5

This summer we are in a series of studies on the
miracles of the Lord Jesus. When Jesus was on the
earth He did miracles and here is one of the most
remarkable of them all.

Some have referred to Mark 5 as the Bible home for
incurables. In this chapter there are three
individuals, all of whom would be considered
impossible cases. There is, first of all, the demonic
man. Second, the diseased daughter. Third, the dead
child. Each of these today would be considered
impossible situations. The man would be carried to a
mental asylum. The diseased women would be placed on
a ward for the terminally ill. Of course, the little
girl would be carried, sadly, to a burial site

But if Mark 5 is the Bible home for incurables, it is
also the clinic of Dr. Jesus. Jesus the Great
Physician has never lost a case. Jesus the Great
Physician has never been stumped by any situation. I
heard about a young doctor who was having his first
day of practice. His first patient came in and he
just didn't have an idea in the world what was wrong.
But he didn't want the patient to know he didn't. So
he looked as intelligent as he knew how to look and
said, "Have you ever had this before?" They said,
"Yes." He said, "Well you have it again."

But the Lord Jesus never had to wonder what was wrong
and He always had the solution. For the demonic man,
the Lord Jesus was the Great Psychiatrist. For the
diseased woman, Jesus was the Great Physician. For
the little girl who was dead, the Lord Jesus became
the Great Pediatrician.

It's always interesting to look at what goes before a
passage of Scripture and when you look back in chapter
4 you will find that chapter closes with the Lord
Jesus calming a storm upon the sea. It was a miracle
indeed when Jesus calmed the storm, but it is an even
greater miracle when the Lord Jesus ...

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