by Jerry Vines

Revelation 8:1

As you move through The Revelation you will notice there are a
series of seven. For instance, we are told about the seven churches; then,
we are told about the seven seals, the seven trumpets, and the seven
bowls. These last three series of sevens -- the seals, trumpets and the
bowls give us the successive unfolding of the judgment that will come upon
a world that has rejected the Lord Jesus Christ. They are the judgments of
God upon the earth during this great tribulation. Another thing you will
notice is that these judgments are connected. In other words, the seventh
of the seals is opened up and the trumpet judgments come tumbling out.
When the seventh trumpet is sounded, then the seven bowl judgments are
given. It's kind of like three sections of a telescope giving each further
extension a clearer view of the Great Tribulation.
At the beginning of this chapter which deals with the seven trumpet
judgments, there is the most unusual event which ever took place in
heaven. Here is something that is altogether unlike what we read when we
get to heaven. We've noticed the Bible tells us, in heaven there is going
to be praise, there will be singing and rejoicing up there. I said to you
last Sunday night that heaven is going to be a noisy place. There will be
harps playing, the angels will join in the praise around the throne. The
saints of God and the great multitude will unite in unison in a great
pandamonium of praise unto God. But when you open this chapter you notice
that something altogether different occurs. The choirs of heaven are
still. The harps cease their playing. The angels of God are silent. The
Bible says that there is silence on the earth. It's as if in the midst of
all the praise, someone said, "Sshh." And there is silence in heaven for a
period of time. What's God doing when the Bible says there is going to be
silence in heaven? Actually, God is getting ready to admi ...

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