by Jerry Vines

A Mother's Wages: A Mother's Day Sermon
Jerry Vines
Exodus 2:1-10

Mother's Day is one of the most special days in all of the year. We are told there are more telephone calls made on Mother's Day than any other time of the year. If you haven't called your mom yet, I want to encourage you to do so.

I went to the grocery story yesterday to pick up some bananas and there was a card shop near by and I just saw a constant stream of rough looking boys running into that card shop and I knew exactly what they were doing. They were all getting cards for their mothers.

Mother's Day is a very special day. It is a day when we remember our mothers. We give her gifts and phone calls. I heard about a wealthy son who decided to do something special for his mother on her day. He went to a pet shop and saw a very expensive talking bird. This was an unusual bird. This bird could whistle Amazing Grace. This bird could quote the 23rd Psalm. It was an unusual bird. The cost of the bird was $30,000. But what did he care. He was wealthy so he spent the $30,000 and bought the bird for his mother and had it shipped to her. On Mother's Day he made his call to his mother. ''Mother, how did you like the bird I sent you?'' She said, ''O, it was delicious, son.'' I don't suppose any of you sons will get into that dilemma but it is a day when we send our mothers something very, very special.

Abraham Lincoln said, ''No man is poor who has a godly mother.'' There have been many mothers in the history of the world who have impacted their sons in a tremendous way. Abraham Lincoln was one of those. St. Augustine, the great religious leader, had a mother named Monica and it was the prayers of his mother, Monica, that brought him to the foot of the cross. Others have had godly mothers in the history of the world. Also the Bible tells us about many wonderful mothers who are great examples for all of the mothers here today who want to be what God wants them to be.

I think about the moth ...

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