by Jerry Vines

Revelation 20:1-3
Jerry Vines

In our study of the book of Revelation over a period of months now we have had unfolded for
us a kind of panorama of the end times. All through the book of the Revelation God lays before us a
chronology, so to speak, of the end time events as they unfold.
In chapters 2 and 3 we are given the age of the church, the age of grace. In chapters 4 and 5
we have presented to us in beautiful representative form, the rapture of the church when the Lord Jesus
comes and His church will be caught up.
Some years ago I was riding in a city and I saw a plot of ground where a church was going to
build a new building. In front of the building they had a sign giving the name of the church and under the
name it said, "Rapture Preparation Center. Get right for the flight." That is exactly what a church ought
to be. When Jesus comes, if you are saved you will go up to be with Him. If you are not saved you will
be left here to endure the Great Tribulation on this earth.
So, in Revelation 6-18 we have opened before us the period known as the Great Tribulation.
Great turmoil. Great sorrow. Great suffering and no opportunity for those who have heard to be
saved. Only those who have not had the opportunity will have the opportunity in those days to be
saved. We go from rapture in 4 and 5 through tribulation in 6-18. When you come to Revelation 19
you deal with the return of Jesus Christ to this earth. Not for His church, but coming back to this earth
with His church.
In Revelation 20 you have the period of time known as the Millennium. Then in chapters 21
and 22 you go into eternity and see the new heaven and the new earth and the eternal destiny of the
doomed and the damned.
I am especially interested in this period of time known as the millennium. That's what we fin ...

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