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The Need to Be Freed from Sin (4 of 8)
Series: Christianese
Jeff Strite
Romans 7:14-8:10

OPEN: How many of you have ever heard of a movie/play entitled ''The King and I''?
The movie version starred Yul Brynner and Debra Kerr, and has been popular for decades. But many people don't realize the movie and play were based on a true story of a widowed Englishwoman named Anna who accepted the position of governess for the King of Siam (Thailand) in the late 1800s.
I just read the book last month, and was intrigued by one of stories it told.

It seems that one day, while on an errand, Anna got lost. ''She found herself in a dark alley, from which the only exit appeared to be a door of polished brass in a high brick wall. Half-afraid that she was trespassing in some forbidden place; she pushed open the door, then stepped over the sill into a paved courtyard. In the middle of the garden near a small pond of water a woman was sitting on the ground, chained to a post. She was nursing a naked child about 4 years old.''
In a conversation with this woman, Anna discovered that her son's name was Thuk - meaning ''Sorrow''. She explained that she had been born a slave, but her freedom had been purchased by an Indian merchant who had fallen in love with her and desired to marry her. The transaction was approved under Siamese law, and the woman began a life of happy freedom.
Her mistress, however, had never been reconciled to the idea of letting her go, so one day, about 3 months after her marriage, she was seized and brought back to this courtyard and chained to the post. She had been chained there now for 4 years.

Anna returned to the palace and informed the King… who rescued this poor woman from her chains.
The woman's husband was so grateful he contacted Anna to thank her and told her that their son's name had been changed: to ''Freedom''
(from the book ''Anna and the King of Siam'' by Margaret Landon)

Jesus said ''… if the Son sets you free, you will be f ...

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