by Jerry Vines

The Sealing of the 144,000
Revelation 7:1-4
Jerry Vines

From the beginning of the 6th chapter of Revelation we have
been observing the opening of the seven seal judgments of God. The Lamb has
take the sealed books from the hands of the father and he is one by one
opening these seals. As each individual seal is opened, another judgment
comes upon the earth. We find in these seals the judgements that are going
to be poured out on this earth during the time which the Scripture calls
the Great Tribulation. Having opened up six of these seals in the previous
chapter we would expect to find when we come to chapter 7, the opening of
the 7th seal. Yet, when you read verse 1 you don't find it. When you read
verse two you don't find it. It's not in verse 3. You look for it in the
4th verse and you don't find it. YOu go all the way through the 17 verses
of this chapter and you do not find the opening of that 7th seal. In fact,
you do not find it until you come to th-e 8t-h chapter and the first verse..
In the sixth chapter you have six of th4e seals opened. You have the 7th
chapter which is kind of like a parenthesis and again in the 8th chapter
you begin the opening of the seals. In the 7th chapter you have a
parenthesis--a pause in the action. It's as if there is a lull in the storm
and God does something very special and something very precious on the
earth. Actually the seventh chapter is the answer to a prayer that is
prayed in Habakkuk 3:2. In that chapter the prayer is given in wrath,
remember mercy. The prayer is made to God in wrath, remember mercy. Always
God does this. You will notice everytime there is a pouring out of the
wrath of God on the earth God steps in and extends mercy. This was true
wh4en the wrath of the passover came. Remember God has pronounced His
judgment--his wrath --upon the land of Egypt. He had determined that the
firstborn of every family would be slain. But in the midst of wrath, God
remembered mercy and he spar ...

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