by Jerry Vines

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Walking On Water (2 of 17)
Jerry Vines
Matthew 14:22-33

When Jesus was on the earth He performed many miracles. A miracle is a supernatural intervention of God into the natural course of things. When Jesus performed miracles it was God doing what He chooses to do with His own creation. The New Testament gives us about 35-recorded miracles of the Lord Jesus and many of these miracles occurred in and around the Sea of Galilee.

Remember the miracle when the Lord Jesus had just preached a sermon using the boat of Simon Peter as a pulpit. Jesus ordered to catch a fish. The word got out all over the Sea of Galilee that the Master of the Sea had ordered a catch. So the fish began to come from everywhere. They came from Catfish Corner, they came from Brim Boulevard, and they came from Lobster Lane. They came over the salty super slabs and over the fishy four-lanes and they had a traffic jam in the sea of Galilee because Jesus is not only landlord, he is sea lord as well.

One time in the Gospel of Mark the Lord Jesus is down in the ship asleep and the Bible says that the winds and the waves get feisty and it scares those disciples out of their socks. They came to the Lord Jesus and shook Him and said, ''Master, don't you care that we perish?'' Have you ever said that to Jesus? A thousand times in our lives, when the storm has come up, we have said to the Lord, ''Lord, don't you care?'' Does Jesus care? O, yes He cares. His heart is touched with our grief. We have a Savior who cares.

The Bible says that there arose a storm and then it says ''He arose.'' The Lord Jesus stood on the deck of that ship and lassoed the wind with a word and said, ''Hush, be still.'' And the waves laid down like whipped puppies at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ. Isn't it wonderful to know that when a storm comes up Jesus can calm the stormy waters.

The account I have read today is a little bit different. The disciples are in the boat and a storm comes up and Jesus is nowhere t ...

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