by Jerry Vines

Christmas In Egypt
Jerry Vines
Matthew 2:13-15

I have just returned from a trip to the land of Israel and I saw once again after an intermission of about 20 years the places where our Lord lived and walked. I saw again the place of the birth of our Lord. I saw where Jesus was brought up as a boy. I saw where Jesus conducted His ministry. I was able again to go and be moved when I saw the place where Jesus died and the place where the Lord Jesus was resurrected.

There are many names and many villages that come to mind when you think about the story of Christmas. There is Bethlehem. There is Nazareth. There is Jerusalem. These are the names and places we normally think about when we think about the birth of our Lord Jesus and the celebration of Christmas. I dare say that most of you, like me, do not think in terms when you think about Christmas and the birth of our Lord of a place called Egypt. I have a feeling that Egypt is not a part of your celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus and you do not look upon it as one of the sights connected with the birth of our Lord.

Egypt. It is mentioned some 600 times in the Bible. It is mentioned the first time in the book of Genesis when we are told that Abraham went down into Egypt. Egypt, in the Bible, is a symbol of this old world with all of its sin and its sorrow. It is a symbol of this old world with all of its lust and all of its lure. Geographically you would go down into Egypt and spiritually speaking when Egypt is mentioned in the Bible it is always a picture of going downward spiritually into this old world.

So, when the Lord Jesus Christ was born we are told in these verses I have read to you that Joseph carried the Lord Jesus and his mother Mary and they went down for a period of time into the land of Egypt. We don't think about celebrating Christmas in terms of being down in Egypt. Yet, in a very real sense in 1995, as we are approaching the birth of our Lord and the celebration of that birth at C ...

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