by Jerry Vines

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Last week we saw the music of heaven and the wonderful praise that
will take place around the throne of the lamb and of God. We saw some of the
things we are going to be doing in heaven. In The Revelation 4:1 John, as a
representative man, is lifted up into heaven. From that vantage point, John
lets us see some of the things we are going to do when we get to heaven.
Heaven is oging to be a place of eternal bliss and joy. Heaven will be a happy
place. Heaven will be a place with sainging like the kind of singing we have
experienced tonight. Now in the sixth chapter we come down to earth with a
jolt. We are brought to the sobering reaLi-&ti-o th-at after the believers are
caught away from this earth the life is going to continue on the earth. God's
people will be raptured. They will be called up into heaven but life will go
on in a world where there is no gospel witness. Can you imagine a world where
there would be no gospel singing? Can you just visualize a place where no
believers in the Lord Jesus Christ bear witness to the Savior? Can you just
conceive in your mind tonight a place where peace is totally withdrawn from
the world. That's what you find when you look at these chapters. We find here
a planet in revolt against God. We find a world in rebellion against its
creator. The Bible says when the believers are caught away there will begin on
this earth a period of time known as great tribulation. In the Old Testament
it is given under several different kinds of terminology. Sometimes it's
called the day of Jacob's trouble. Daniel says in Daniel 12:1 that it will be
a time of trouble like there has never been in the earth before. The Lord
Jesus in Matthew 24:21 specifically says about that day:
Then shall there be great tribulation on the earth.
He says there has never been anything like it and there will never, ever in
the future be anything like it again--great ...

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