by Jerry Vines

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A Family Miracle (15 of 17)
Jerry Vines
John 4:46-54

This miracle today has to do with one which takes place and changes an entire family. There is not a need in your family today that a miracle from Jesus couldn't cure.

This is the second miracle that Jesus did when He was come out of Judea into Galilee. Notice the 54th verse says this was the second miracle Jesus did. The reason John does that is because in his particular Gospel he gives a series of miracles which have a particular purpose in mind.

John says that he selected certain ones of the miracles in order that people might believe that Jesus is the Christ and so believing they might have life through His name. So, these miracles are not exhaustive of all the miracles Jesus performed, but they were selected for the particular purpose of illustrating that Jesus is the Son of God.

One of the things I have tried to do through the years in my witnessing, in talking especially to those who may be skeptical and who may have intellectual doubts about the faith, is to encourage them to read the Gospel of John. John promises that if you will study the things which are recorded in this Gospel, in particular these miracles, that it will bring you to a convincing point concerning the reality of the claims of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I have had the opportunity of seeing people read the Gospel of John and as result being brought to personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This particular miracle is so important in the whole scope and theme of salvation because it has to do with faith and salvation. We know the Bible says, ''believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.'' The role of faith in salvation, the part that faith plays.

This particular miracle where Jesus heals the son of a nobleman is a miracle which gives to us a beautiful example and an illustration of what faith really is. When people ask you, what is faith? What do you mean when say have faith in Jesus Christ? This miracle ...

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