by Jerry Vines

Revelation 2:18-29
It's rather ironic that the longest letter of our Lord is addressed
to the church about which we know the least. We really do not know a great
deal about the city of Thyatira itself. We do know that it was located very
near to the City of Pergamos, which was the capitol of Asia. It was in the
line of attack always when invaders came to attack the capitol city. So,
because of the location of Thyatira and its constant invasion by enemies, it
was destined to be torn down and rebuilt, torn down and rebuilt. We also know
that it was a very important trade center. It was known for a very fine
quality of wool and for a very precious dye that was produced there. In the
city of Thyatira they made the royal purple or the garments of purple. We know
in those days that the Roman emperors wore these beautiful garments of purple.
It was a very expensive kind of cloth. The garment was dyed with a purple dye
that was acquired in a rather interesting way. They would take a shellfish and
slit its throat and from the throat of that shellfish they would get a drop of
that purple dye. You can imagine how expensive it was to get enough dye to dye
a garment in purple. Because of the fact that it was a trade city and there
were many different crafts there, it was also a guild city. In other words,
these various craftsmen organized themselves into societies or guilds. This
will be important in a moment as we go down into this message. Another matter
of note about the city of Thyatira is that it was also the center of the
occult. There was a temple there dedicated to fortune telling. There was a
female sorcerorist who ruled over that temple named Sembathe. So, into this
city the grace of God went and the Lord planted a church. We do not know
anything about this church beyond what we read here. There is a rather
intertesting statement though over in the book of Acts that may tell us how
this church came into ...

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