by Brian Fletcher

A Guide to Performing a Funeral Service plus Graveside Service
Brian Fletcher
John 11:25-26

In this guide you will find a sample outlines, homilies and helpful notes for performing a funeral service as well as a graveside service.

It's always a good idea to go over the order of the service with the funeral home director. They do this every day and they know exactly how the details of where to stand, when the body comes in or where it goes, when to lead the family, etc.

If you are conducting the funeral or memorial service in the church and there is no funeral director then make sure you do a couple of things:

Have a quiet place where just the family can congregate before the service starts.

Pray with the family before you lead them out to the sanctuary

Make sure there are boxes of tissues for the family

Lead them out to where they are sitting

Sample Outline for Funeral or Memorial Service

Welcome and Prayer

Scripture Reading

Gospel Message

Memories from Family and Friends (Eulogy)


Lord's Prayer

Closing Prayer

Sample Funeral Service or Memorial Service


Helpful Notes: It is really difficult to perform the service for a non-believer. However, as the minister you are called to comfort those who are grieving and give hope of the gospel. There is no need to mention that the person who died was not a believer. There is great need to proclaim the gospel to those who attend. This service, as well as any funeral service, takes great calm and compassion, it takes great mercy and grace.

As a minister of the gospel you can have the courage to speak words of grace and hope to the grieving family and friends. There is no need to be afraid of death since Jesus has conquered it for us. Have confidence as you gently relate to family and friends because they are looking to you for strength. In reality you are not their strength, but it is Christ who lives in you and shines out of you where people will ...

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